In Oct 2004 I went to a chiropractor for chronic headaches and low back pain. I was prescribed massage therapy. Never having massage before, I did not know what to expect. In a chiropractic setting you get “deep tissue” massage. It was painful at times, but a good pain and I knew immediately that this is what I wanted to do. So, by Thanksgiving week I was enrolled at Oklahoma Health Academy. After 7½ months of some of the most intensive and comprehensive training I graduated top of my class.

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The state of Oklahoma requires 500 hours of training and licensing in the city/town a therapist works in. I received 780 hours of training and also received “National Certification for Therapeutic Massage”in Oct of 2005. National Certification is not required in Oklahoma, but I want to continue my education and excel in my work.

Part of my education in massage therapy was doing an internship/externship which included 120 hours of hands on training as well as observation of the many facets of chiropractic care. I decided early on in my training to work in the chiropractic field as well as build my own practice on the side. I did my internship at the school’s clinic and my externship at Ochsner Chiropractic Centre. I worked at Ochsner Chiropractic Centre from Oct 2005 - Oct 2017 and Huskey Chiropractic Centre from Mar 2006 - Jul 2015 and had my own studio from Jan 2005 - Oct 2017. I now have my own studio here in Brunswick, ME. and now work part time at Slocum Chiropractic as well.