What Current Clients are Saying:

"I met Steve at the Chiropractor\'s office, finding that massage therapy provided a better adjustment. My husband and I began seeing Steve for massage appointments periodically to remove soreness and tension. Steve gives a terrific massage, working knots out of muscles, loosening up tendons and ligaments that are too tight, and providing a relaxing massage. Whether loosening my neck and shoulder area, lower back, or knees and IT bands, Steve is terrific! "

Tulsa, OK

"Very knowledgeable about his trade, very professional, personable. He gets a lot of business from the clients at the doctor\'s office, because he gives a great massage. I\'ve been seeing him often for a couple years now, and my wife for quite a few. I\'d rather see him monthly than be all gnarled up when I get older. "

Tulsa, OK

"It is my pleasure to offer my recommendation concerning Steven Benoit as a Massage Therapist. I have been a client of Stevenís since 2009. He is professional and skilled in his abilities and provides his clients with a quality massage. He exhibits high standards in his profession and is a man of integrity and character. Stevenís clients in Tulsa will miss him. Tulsaís loss is definitely Maineís gain. Best of wishes to Steven as he pursues new opportunities closer to family. "

Tulsa, OK

"I really do not write many reviews but Steve is well worth taking the time to let you know he is very thorough and my neck problems were definitely helped by his thorough massage and the results are lasting. Definitely will be seeing him again. "

Tulsa, OK

"Message: Wow!! What a great massage. It was my first massage with Steve and I was impressed. He does a fantastic job and I plan on returning each month. Look no further this is by far the best!! "

Tulsa, OK

"As an avid resistance trainer, runner and triathlete, I find that I often get tight and sore, especially after events. For the last year I have had monthly massages from Steve. I recover more quickly and find that I have less pain than I did before I started massage therapy. He uses the perfect amount of pressure to relieve the problem spots. I recommend him highly to any athlete wanting to keep everything functioning in peak condition."

Tulsa, OK

"I just had my first massage by Steve and was extremely impressed with his services. I work on my feet 46 to 50 hours a week and hold a lot of tension in my calves and feet. I have had many many massages in my life and this one is at the top of my list. The pressure was perfect and he was able to work the knots out of my calves which normally does not happen when I receive massages other places.

Normally they work on my legs for a little while and while I do feel better immediately after they don't get the muscles completely worked out as Steve did. The proof was the next day when I was for the first time in awhile I didn't hurt or ache in my legs and feet. I also like a good deep tissue massage and he was able to apply the perfect amount of pressure.

His place is very clean and he is a great guy, makes you feel at ease right off the bat so you can relax and just enjoy the massage. I'm getting ready to book my next visit and plan to see him at least every two weeks. "

Tulsa, OK

"As a Sign Language Interpreter, I experience times of soreness and fatigue through my whole upper body. Steve has done wonders at keeping my joints and muscles flexible and pain free. I make every effort to keep a regular schedule with him so that I can continue to do a job that I love......without discomfort."

Sapulpa, OK

"I have been going to Steve for more than 5 years. There are times when my massage is the only relief from pain that I get. When Darrell and I got married almost 4 years ago, I talked him into going with me one night. We have been having "date night" massages ever since! We each get 30 minutes and it's the best massages we have ever had. We highly recommend Steve. He is well trained and very effective!!!"

Cindy & Darrell
Sand Springs, OK

"Loved my Massage! I had not had one in a year, and boy did I need one. Steve, you were great and I loved your Energy. My body felt so relaxed and I slept better than I have in a long time. I so look forward to my next time on your table."

Tulsa, OK

"I have been seeing Steve regularly for a couple of years. I must tell you that I work in an extremely stress-filled enviroment and Steve is my life line. His professionalism and skill will not leave you dissappointed. Steve's office is in his home and is always relaxing as well as inviting. I would recommend Steve for a ongoing issue or just getting away to pamper yourself."

Tulsa, OK

"I am an International businessman with clients all over the world. Therefore, I have had wonderful massages of every kind from Thailand to S. Africa, from Brazil to Japan, from Europe to the USA. When I came to work in Tulsa, I found Steve online and the professionalism of his site indicated what I might expect. I was not disappointed. Steve is totally professional and well-trained....one of the best massages I have ever had. I now go weekly when in Tulsa, and recently, when I returned from Italy with a horrible knot in my shoulder and tricep muscles, his therapeutic techniques worked out the problem. I totally recommend Steve."

Jerusalem, Israel

"Steve is an extremely professional and talented therapist who makes you feel relaxed and comfortable from the first minute you meet him. I sincerely appreciate the skill level and quality of his bodywork and know that I get the same level and quality each visit. I highly recommend Steve and assure you that you will be delighted with the results. Steve is definitely a 5-star therapist."

Eric, LMT
Tulsa, OK

"Steve has a wonderful technique, and his home is very tranquil, clean and professional. His pressure is perfect, firm but not painful. I felt very comfortable and at ease with him and will definitely be scheduling return visits! "

Owasso, OK

"When it comes to massage therapy, Steve is exceptionally professional. His knowledge of the the body - its muscle groups, nerve endings, flexibility, etc. - is the forerunner in what makes his service so excellent. Each treatment, he's not only helped me to relax, but has also highlighted exercises and healthy practices I can incorporate to stay healthy. He is the literal reason I now book massages on a regular basis."

Broken Arrow, OK

"I have been going to Steve for a few months now. I always leave each appt feeling so wonderful and relaxed. I try to make appts every few weeks and now I plan to send my husband to him as well."

Owasso, OK

"I really appreciated the short notice that I was able to get in on and I was very sore from really working out at the gym. Afterwards I was able to continue the rest of the week without any problems, and without losing time in the gym due to pain. Thanks so much Steve."

Tulsa, OK

"Steve has excellent technique. I hate it when other therapists work my muscles so hard that I leave with more aches than when I arrived. On the other hand, Steve's firm touch never gives me pain, but leaves me relaxed and rejuvenated."

Waterbury, VT

"Steve is nothing but excellent in the service he provides. I would have to say he has "magic hands" that provide deep tissue massage or just nice, warm soothing skin deep massage. He actually can tell the areas I am tense and he will work the tenseness right out of me. I usually feel so relaxed that my muscles feel as if they disappear. I usually feel light when I leave Steve's place; that is how relaxed I am. I appreciate everything Steve has done for me."

Owasso, OK

"I had shoulder surgery back in January 2007 where my ball joint was replaced and several pins put in. Needless to say I lost a lot of range of motion and have dealt with a lot of pain. Steve has been helping me with deep tissue massage zeroing on the tissue around the shoulder since August 2007. It has helped me a lot. Although I will never regain full range of motion I definately have more since the surgery and each massage helps me deal with the pain. I always feel much better afterwards. Thanks for all you have done for me Steve."

Tulsa, OK

"Steve is personal and instinctive. He is very thorough and ensures that you are treated in a professional manner. He truly uses his gift of touch and empathy to bless others. A massage with Steve will become a requirement on all my future visits to Tulsa. "

Ft.Lauderdale, FL

"Steve did a great job of zeroing in on the sore spots and relieving them. I have received massage for years and it was nice to get a great massage from a caring and interested person. Good work Steve."

Tulsa, OK

"I had shoulder surgery back in January 2007 where my ball joint was replaced and several pins put in. Needless to say I lost a lot of range of motion and have dealt with a lot of pain."

Tulsa, OK

"I first visited Steve a few months ago. My back was one huge knot. I was in a lot of pain that had continued for some time. In the past I had had massages that seemed to help at the time, but the pain returned by the time I had driven home. After one session with Steve I could feel some improvement. I came back for several more sessions over the next few weeks and the situation continued to improve. I know longer endure constant back pain, thanks to Steve."

Tulsa, OK

"I have received 4 or 5 massages in my lifetime and this was one of the best. Steve has a nice firm touch on the muscles that need it. He is very professional and I would recommend his services to anyone that has either a problem area or just needs some relaxation."

Tulsa, OK


"I've enjoyed professional massages for the past ten years,and Steve is among the best therapists I've had."

Tulsa, OK

"Very knowlegeable and great technique! Steve has a firm touch when necessary (and that's always a necessity for me!). I receive massages all over the country and Steve is one of my favorites here in Tulsa. Always enjoy the conversation as I value intelligence, too. You would do well to be on his table."

New Orleans, LA



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