Stress: Pressure, strain – a force that tends to distort a body or a factor that induces bodily or mental tension. Sound familiar? We all deal with stress in one form or another, but how many of us know how to unwind?

Relax: to make or become less firm, tense or rigid or to seek rest or recreation

If you’re like me it can be very difficult to relax. We live in a society and time in history where we are pressured by so many things throughout our day and we stay so busy that we forget to take care of ourselves. The damage it does to our bodies as well as straining our emotions and mental well being can be long term and debilitating. So, what is the answer? Drugs? Alcohol? Have you noticed how many commercials are pushing pills? We have become addicted to prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Guess what? Pills only mask the problem and although alcohol in moderation can help us relax temporarily, it too can become addictive. So what is an alternative answer to all this stress, prescription drugs, and alcohol?

Massage!!! I was 44 yrs old when I got my first full-body massage. Wow, why did I wait so long? And I ask you, what are you waiting for?

These are just some of the benefits of massage:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Improved circulation of blood and the lymph system
  • Alleviation of many muscle pains
  • Relief from the negative affects of stress
  • A reduction of anxiety

Need I say more?


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